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Blue sketchy linework. Draft cartoon artwork.

The making of Peak Oil #5: evolution of the artwork

Following on from my last blog post, I use Peak Oil as a test-case. I include 'before' and 'after' slideshows which demonstrate how the Peak Oil artwork evolved from drafts to final artwork.

Comparison of reference photograph and cartoon illustration based on that reference image

The making of Peak Oil #4: my step-by-step process

I describe every stage of my comics creation process. This includes everything from research, to writing, to storyboarding, to drawing the final artwork.

Handwritten text in black and red writing: "Postcard batch #1. Card #1 or 133."

Launching: my Patreon campaign

I officially launch my ongoing micro-crowdfunding campaign, offered through the service

Cartoon man standing on oil fields

The making of Peak Oil #3: snags and delays

Peak Oil was released nearly two years after my previous major comic, Rat Park. What caused this delay? I describe the various struggles I had creating my Peak Oil comic.

Askew drawing of man being ambushed by a media scrum - cartoon illustration

The making of Peak Oil #2: storytelling philosophy

I explain my storytelling philosophy as a science communication cartoonist. I discuss how I avoid writing 'propaganda' political comics, with pre-chewed messages for my readers.

Cartoon illustration of Peak Oil depletion curve, with arrows showing how it is composed

The making of Peak Oil #1: my choice of topic

I explain my decision to draw a comic about Peak Oil. I describe my aim to make my comic 'the ultimate Peak Oil primer' for uninformed readers.

High angle view looking down onto cartoon man in roller coaster car, showing the ground beneath.

The making of Peak Oil: a list of essays

I wrote seven essays about the various aspects surrounding the 'making of' Peak Oil. This is a list of all seven articles from that series

Cartoon swarm of arrows pointing to a graph on gridpaper

Peak Oil reference list

This blog post is simply a list of reference sources that sit behind the Peak Oil comic. I expect you will only want to read this post if there is a specific fact or figure that you want to verify.

Cartoon of arrogant man sitting back in chair, with an angry expression on his face

Dinner with a climate denier: the making of my Hendrix Uncle comic

The making-of "Jimi Hendrix vs your climate-denying uncle". I describe my conversation with a red-faced climate denier that inspired me to draw the comic.