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Cartoon of Buckminster Fuller in Dymaxion Car with invisible horses next to vehicle. 84 pages

Energy Slaves

How many invisible "energy slave" workers does it take to fuel our modern lifestyles?

58 pages

Deviance in the Dark

A classic behavioural psychology experiment. In the 1970s, researchers took eight strangers and shut them inside a dark room for an hour. What happened next?

36 pages

Hitler Denial

Today, global action to stop climate change is inconceivable. Yet, in 1938, global action to stop Nazi Germany was also inconceivable. The world was in Hitler denial.

24 pages

Buckminster Fuller’s Chilling Domes

Exactly 75 summers ago, Buckminster Fuller accidentally discovered a self-air conditioning house. How did he do it?

117 pages

Peak Oil

Roughly half of the world’s entire oil supply is gone; half is left. How will our society choose to use the oil that remains?

Black and white cartoon of Jimi Hendrix playing guitar with swirly background 19 pages

Jimi Hendrix vs your climate-denying uncle

Jimi Hendrix was the greatest guitarist who ever lived. Your climate-denying uncle is just some random bloke who no one has ever heard of.

Rat Park drug experiment comic. Cartoon black and white lab mice science experiment into addiction. 39 pages

Rat Park

A classic experiment into drug addiction science. Would rats choose to take drugs if given a stimulating environment and social company?

War on Drugs cartoon thumbnail image. Two men in shady alleyway. 28 pages

War on Drugs

The uncanny parallels between alcohol Prohibition and the 'war on drugs'.

Black and white cartoon of an industrial factory, with a face on the front. 25 pages


To what extent do metaphors shape and distort our understanding of reality? Co-written with Nick Barter.