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Hitler Denial

Today, global action to stop climate change is inconceivable. Yet, in 1938, global action to stop Nazi Germany was also inconceivable. The world was in Hitler denial.

Cartoon illustration of tying up shoelaces

The limitations and merits of the World War II / climate change analogy

I used the World War II as an analogy for responding to climate change in my comic Hitler Denial. In this essay, I discuss the merits and limitations of this comparison.

Cartoon artwork of Adolf Hitler motorcade with swastika flags

The making of Hitler Denial: bypassing Climate Change 101

I describe the storytelling philosophy I employed in my comic Hitler Denial. The comic is about climate change, but I deliberately avoided getting bogged-down in 'Climate Change 101' debates.

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Buckminster Fuller’s Chilling Domes

Exactly 75 summers ago, Buckminster Fuller accidentally discovered a self-air conditioning house. How did he do it?

Diagram of physics of self-airconditioning zero energy geodesic dome

Buckminster Fuller’s Chilling Domes: the physics

I discuss the physics behind my comic about Buckminster Fuller's Chilling Domes. Is the phenomenon real? I outline the evidence for and against.

Australian postage stamps, featuring Australian animals on handwritten postcards

Patreon campaign: Postcard #1 and Video Q&A #1

I show and tell information about my first Patreon supporter postcard, and my first Patreon video Q&A session.

Photography of deer in parking garage ramp - cropped photo from George Monbiot's Feral cover

Two years of reading (2013-15)

Every two years I publish a list of the books which I read during that period. Here is my 2013-15 list, featuring the reasons why Feral by George Monbiot was my favourite book from that period.

Hand-drawn graph of Peak Oil graph on gridpaper with pen and protractor triangle

The making of Peak Oil #7: what I am most proud of

Peak Oil is the longest comic that I have published. It is 120 pages long, and took me over 12 months to create. I use this blog post to reflect upon the aspects of Peak Oil that I am most proud of.

View over the shoulder of a man working late into the night, illuminated by a desk lamp.

The making of Peak Oil #6: deliberate artistic decisions

I discuss the artistic decisions that I make when drawing my Peak Oil comic. I describe my philosophy about panel arrangement, page layout, and background art details. I also explain how I used the roller coaster as a way to stealthily educate readers using a 'graph that is not a graph'.